Maintenance Services


Legislation – can you afford to ignore it?

The complex legislation surrounding the air conditioning and ventilation industry can make it difficult for businesses to know what they are legally obliged to do and what action they need to take. To ignore it is not an option: if you manage a building or estate, you must adhere to the appropriate legislation and you should be aware of the potential impact it has on you and your business.

F-Gas regulation insists on maintenance

The F-Gas Regulation imposes strict rules on the containment and recovery of HFC’s including R407C and R410A, to ensure all air conditioning systems are professionally leak checked.

  • All system operators are legally obliged to ensure refrigerant does not leak and is professionally recovered during servicing and/or replacement
  • Systems containing more than 3kg of refrigerant must be regularly checked for leakage
  • Log books, labelling and qualified handling are also imposed

ODS regulation phases out R22 and insists on qualified servicing

Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) regulations are in place to phase out ozone-depleting HCFCs, such as R22, which is widely used in air conditioning. Any business operating R22 systems will be affected by the ban.

As the availability of R22 declines, the cost will rise. With spare parts already hard to obtain, many people could be trying to maintain a system that is no longer cost effective.

  • From 31st December 2009, the use and sale of all virgin HCFC (R22) was banned
  • From 31st December 2014, the use and sale of recycled HCFC (R22) is banned
  • At the end of a system’s life, all refrigerant must be professionally recovered and disposed of by qualified engineers

We can help you to make sense of the complex legislation and address any issues to suit your individual needs in a simple, cost-effective manner.