• St. Pauls Square
  • St. Pauls Square
  • St. Pauls Square
  • St. Pauls Square
Project Placeholder

St. Pauls Square


Birmingham City Centre

Contract Value:

£ 146,000

M&E Consultant:

Design & Build

Within a partially occupied building, McDowall Air Conditioning installed numerous Daikin 3-pipe heat recovery systems within very restrictive ceiling voids. Each system was integrated with the base-build LPHW heating system so that the VRV could not cool whilst the LPHW system was heating.

The condensing units, located in a basement car park, had to be provided with air scoops to avoid short-circuiting of the condenser air and barrier protection installed to avoid vehicle damage.

  • Daikin 3-Pipe heat recovery air conditioning
  • 3-Port valve installation
  • Associated automatic control system
  • Domestic hot and cold water services
  • Testing & Commissioning

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