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The name McDowalls has become synonymous with offering the most innovative and technically advanced products with an unrivalled enthusiasm for customer service. Consequently, we have been at the centre of the air conditioning industry’s huge expansion over the past few decades.

Our knowledge and dedication has enabled us to become one of the UK’s leading providers of effective air conditioning solutions.

Good air conditioning and control have become an essential rather than a luxury and the need for effective environmental control has never been greater, due to the combination of improved building insulation, new regulations and the increasing number of heat generating electronic equipment in the workplace.

As air conditioning specialists, we supply and install high performance air conditioning systems that provide total climate control whilst offering flexibility, low running costs and minimal maintenance. The efficiency and versatility of the systems we design are unsurpassed, making them ideal for a wide range of applications and building types, such as office, retail, banks, hospitals, learning centres and hotels.

Our dedicated team pride themselves on providing the highest levels of service and they have a range of additional resources that enable them to satisfy any requirement in a professional yet personal manner. The customer relations we enjoy with end-users and consultants alike bear testimony to the value we place on continuously training and investing in our people.